Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In Which Connor Motivates Me To Clean My Couch

So today I discovered that my Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook does not cover how to get poop off of a microsuede couch.  This is a major oversight on Martha's part, in my opinion.  So since she couldn't help me out, I found myself googling something with the word "poop" in it for the second time this week-- this time deliberately.

I am really not liking this trend, people.

But that's what I get for feeding Connor too much applesauce, I guess.  I've discovered that he's a huge fan of the big batch of cinnamon applesauce I made last week from all our farm share apples, and he's been scarfing it down like pudding.  I thought that applesauce was supposed to have the opposite effect from what happened to Connor today, but evidently if you eat enough of anything it'll screw up your system. 

Um, yeah.  So that's your poop explosion update.  You can thank me later.

Other than learning about lots of new ways to clean my couch, today was relatively uneventful.  Connor was once again seizure free, and I'm going to send him back to school tomorrow.  He's more than ready to go-- I told him that he could go back tomorrow and he applauded.  I'm so happy that he loves school so much; it's so cute how excited he gets about it! 

And of course I'm ready for my free time again.  Precious free time, how I love you.  Even if I will spend all of you tomorrow recleaning my couch cushions.



krlr said...

I think there's a joke in there about setting the army of peeps to work on the poop but can't quite pull it together. Glad he's feeling better...well the top half at least.

leah said...

I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart (and her multitude of hired minions) has never encountered poop on a sofa! Good luck with the cleaning job. Oddly, apples are on Nolan's "do not eat list" because of his reflux - apparently they're fairly acidic and can cause issues. I know they're supposed to do the opposite, but for Nolan, they cause diarrhea, too.

I love that Connor loves school so much! Here's to a happy day back to class tomorrow!

Rose-Marie said...

Try the enzyme cleaner for puppy accidents. AMAZING stuff! My favorite brand is Nature's Miracle (the local pet store has it), although there are other brands. We bought the stuff by the gallon jug during The Reflux Years and I swear by that wonderful stuff!!! Hope you get your couch clean (and thanks for the warning...we were contemplating replacing our current couch with microsuede. Maybe not such a great idea???).

Julia O'C said...

At least it wasn't in your hair this time.

Silver lining: I found it.

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