Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Which We Go To The Emergency Room And My Husband Is Awesome

Well today was kind of a mixed bag.

Since yesterday's attempt at making a same-day doctor's appointment didn't work so well (we ended up with one on Friday) I called our appointment line at six in the morning today to see if I could get in.  They hooked me up with an appointment for eleven something in the morning today.  So far, so good.

So about nine in the morning I got a call from the doctor.  "I'd like you to take Connor into the ER instead of our office," she said.  "We don't have oxygen in our rooms and if he had an apneic seizure here we'd have to rush him down there anyway so I'd rather you have his levels drawn there."  I offered to bring our portable oxygen with me, but she said she'd still be more comfortable with Connor being seen in the emergency room instead of the pediatrician's office.

Fun times.

So I packed the little guy up and off we went to our local cushy private hospital emergency room.  If I was going to have to take the kid to the ER, there was no way I was driving all the way down to our military hospital when we live practically next door to a hospital that not only offers much nicer rooms, but also cable TV.  Because of Connor's glorious medical history we ended up in a private room after about fifteen minutes. 

Connor, I might add, seemed perfectly fine; he'd had no seizures at all, and when they checked his temperature it was normal.  They put an IV in the little guy, drew some blood, took a urine sample and then that was when the hospital had about ten critical patients arrive at the same time and all hell broke loose for the poor medical personnel, who I believe were short-staffed that day. 

So there I was, feeling totally silly, sitting in the ER with a kid who was not only completely free of all the symptoms that made me want to bring him in to see a doctor in the first place, but who was also having a blast.  He got to watch TV!  Lots of TV!  All the TV he wanted!  And he got Mommy's full attention!  As far as he was concerned, other than the whole IV thing this was an awesome way to spend the day.

I was not quite as enthusiastic about it. 

Seven hours later things finally calmed down enough for the doctor to be able to get around to reading Connor's levels and taking a look at his cultures.  Everything looked perfectly fine, so they released us with the diagnosis of "resolved viral infection" and instructions to call them in four or five days and get the lab results for his seizure meds, which have to be sent out.  Connor waved "bye bye" to all the nurses and gave them big smiles as we left, totally charming them all of course.  It's what he does. 

So on the not-so-fun side of things, we spent seven hours at the hospital today for what really should have been a twenty minute doctor's appointment.  But on the good side, Connor is back to his normal, happy self and is not having seizures anymore. 

And after I got home things took a major turn for the better.  Jer, who knew that I would not be in the best of moods when he got home due to the whole seven-hours-in-the-emergency-room thing, surprised me with a bouquet of roses!  Then he watched Connor for me while I went to a skating session to work off some of my bad mood.  And for the coup de grĂ¢ce, he mentioned something about getting me fitted for custom skates sometime in the next few weeks.

How the heck did I manage to be lucky enough to marry this man?  I have no idea, but I'm so glad I did.  For a derby girl, her significant other telling her they want to buy her custom skates is the equivalent of them serving a twelve course meal and following it up with a bubble bath, massage and a box containing a large sparkly rock. 

Sorry ladies.  He's mine.



Julia said...

Seven hours?!? Oy, I think I would have lost it. Well, I'm glad Connor had a good time, and I hope you didn't have to sit through any more Barbie videos -- otherwise, by hour three, you would have been threatening to get somebody's freakin sparkle on. And congrats on having one heckuva swell husband. We'll want to see the skates when you get them, of course.

Julia O'C said...

Flowers when it's not one of those "you have to buy flowers" holidays are the BEST. What a nice guy!

Sorry your day wasn't the best, but I'm happy that it ended on a high note.

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