Friday, April 29, 2011

In Which The Sun Comes Out

Today was one of those days where the sun came out early and the whole world busied itself with growing.  I dropped Connor off at school and then spent most of my free time outside weeding while above me a steady stream of bees flew back and forth between the flowering cherry trees and the woods.  I've thought about tracking the hive down-- not to take their honey or anything, just to see where they live-- but the garden needed work so they can keep their secret for a while longer. 

My cheeky little hummingbird was out today too; he's claimed the whole of the front yard as his territory and divided his time between guarding his feeder and keeping an eye on both me and encroaching bees.  Every once in a while he'd fly down and hover a few feet over my head to supervise and make sure I didn't turn over anything interesting in my weeding.  Hummingbirds eat a lot of insects, and so he'd swoop down and snatch a gnat or winged beetle disturbed by my digging out of the air before returning to the feeder.  He likes to make little squeeking noises right before he pounces, and the buzzing of his wings as he rushes past my ear in pursuit of his meal are surprisingly loud.  It's adorable and kind of creepy all at the same time. 

The weather turned gloomy and a little rainy in the afternoon, so Connor didn't get to enjoy the outdoor weather.  His school's kindergarten put on a circus show today though, and he got to go and watch the performance.  He had a blast!  I may have to see what kind of children's plays and puppet shows are going on in our area over the next few months; his attention span and sensory tolerance have gotten to the point that he might finally enjoy watching something like that without being completely overwhelmed.

After Jeremy came home I left Connor with him and drove out to the city for some derby-related things.  I started the drive home just before sunset and the tips of the pine trees looked glided.  As I neared our town the sky cleared and a huge double rainbow bloomed in front of me, framing the mountain perfectly as Josiah Johnson crooned over my radio.  It felt like something out of an overly sappy Lifetime movie; I swear I didn't realize perfect moments like that actually happened.  Of course my brain ruined it by instantly coming up with a whole bunch of quotes from the double rainbow song for me.  Oh well.

It was still a pretty great day.


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