Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In Which We Get Pictures And Connor Is Kind Of Coughy

Our pictures came in the mail today!  I'm super excited to get the chance to see how Ellen has grown; the last pictures we have of her are from when she was eleven, so it's been a while!  She really looks like a young lady now.  There are a couple of really cute ones of her seeing our pictures for the first time and grinning from ear to ear.  I might frame one of those and put it up in the house.

It was back to the gloomy, rainy weather here so we spent most of the day indoors.  I still have to put all my plants in the ground; since Connor doesn't have school on Wednesdays and I had a derby event this evening I didn't have the chance to plant anything today.  Hopefully the ground won't be too muddy tomorrow and I'll be able to put some of the garden in.

Connor had another good day; he was a little tired and ornery at occupational therapy but otherwise seemed to be fine.  I'm a little concerned that he still has a lingering cough from the cold he had earlier in the month, so I may end up making him an appointment with his primary care manager because he's still doing some pretty good chest coughing and seems kind of fatigued.  His sore throat and runny nose are completely gone though, which is a pretty good thing.  He certainly coughs when he gets up in the morning.  Other than being kind of tired he did a great job at occupational therapy today though-- no coughing there-- so it's hard for me to tell if I'm just being an overprotective mother or not.  I've gotten seriously used to him not doing well over the last few months, so maybe now that he's doing better I'm just paranoid or something.  He's due for his five year old check-up anyway, so when I bring him in for that maybe I can get her to listen to his lungs too.

I need to reset my mom radar for a kid who's not having seizures every minute or so.  It's quite the adjustment!


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leah said...

I hope Connor's cough goes away soon! And SUPER YAY to the pictures of Ellen! What a great day - I hope you get the garden in soon.

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