Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Which We Have A Nothing Day And It Is Great

Connor had another relatively decent day today; he slept in for a little bit, did a little bit of playing with me and then we headed over to his occupational therapy, where he got to spend time on a swing and interact with some fun toys.  He seemed to be having a little more difficulty controlling his mouth today and was drooling quite a bit, but that could very well be due to the medication change.  Otherwise I'm happy to say that we had a pretty quiet day.  About the most exciting thing that happened today was that I cooked a roast chicken.  Hey-- I get excited about chicken.  Chicken is awesome.

Oh, and also I got some fudge mint cookies, because I consumed pretty much every bit of chocolate we had available in our pantry on Monday after our fun ordeal.  Cookies are pretty awesome too.

Anyway, I'll be sending Connor back to school tomorrow, which I'm sure he'll no doubt appreciate.  So we're back to business as usual!


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Julia said...

Let's hope you're back on that even keel. Fudge mint, eh? I might have to swing by the store on my way home.

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