Sunday, April 24, 2011

In Which I Discuss Topics Entirely Inappropriate For The Spirit Of The Holiday We Celebrated Today

Happy Easter, everyone!  Hope yours was filled, like mine was, with family togetherness and a whole lot of love. 

Also chocolate.  And possibly those little peep marshmallow things, if you like them.  I don't really enjoy the taste of them but I buy them anyway because I have a morbid sense of humor and enjoy biting the heads off small sugary animals at least once a year.  Plus putting them in the microwave is a favorite pastime of mine; it brings back fond childhood Easter memories created when my brother and I had unsupervised access to the kitchen. 

Sorry about that, Mom.

I didn't have any peeps to microwave this year due to Connor's current sicktastic state essentially putting us under house arrest, so I was forced to live my peep gladiatorial battles vicariously through other people's YouTube videos.  It's a poor substitute for the real thing.  Certainly it's less tasty, especially when I was looking for an image for this blog and accidentally typed "poop microwave" instead of "peep microwave." 

I do not recommend doing this ever.  I have now seen some things that cannot be unseen, and am quite possibly scarred for life.  And I just realized that not only did I miss church due to the aforementioned Connor sicktasticness, but I have also now blogged about two topics that are highly inappropriate for Easter-- biting the heads off baby animals and poop.

If the world ends tomorrow I am probably in big trouble.

Anyway, so that picture up there (the one of me and Connor, not anything involving poop and microwaves) is pretty much how I spent my day; Connor had three seizures and is definitely still under the weather.  I'll be taking him in to see the doctor to have them check him out as he's not congested at all-- he's just really tired and still running a fever.  I'm a little worried that he might have a UTI or something that's not going to clear up on its own.  Also he needs his five year vaccinations.  Fun times.

In the meantime, happy Easter to you all!  Microwave a peep for me, okay?



Tired Mom said...

Fun blog yet sad =( I'm sorry you had a hard day with Connor and that he, basically, feels like crap. I hope the dr. can find out exactly what's going on. And if the end of the world is tomorrow, I'm in the same boat you are.... going downhill! lol I missed church too, but I'm genuinely not feeling well. Maybe God will understand...

Jax said...

Some things cannot be unseen. Aieee.

If you're bored and perusing youtube again sometime, I stumbled across something there a while back that made me think of y'all but particularly Jer. Er, that sounds sort of weird especially given what it is. I'm sorry.

You may already have seen this guy's videos and I'm just late to the party.

Jess said...

We love that guy! Actually the one that makes me think the most of Jer is this one:

He's playing Portal 2 right now.

farfalla said...

That picture is really too cute to be allowed. It may break the internet.

krlr said...

Hope he feels better soon! If it's any consolation (prob.not), I went to big in law dinner where random aunt kept telling me what a good mom I was in *that* voice. She reeked of smoke and -I kid you not- when on a cigarette run w/her teenaged son. I would have happily microwaved her peeps.

Julia said...

Well, I'm sorry about the sicktasticness and continued seizures, but I agree that that picture is dangerously cute, and I'm glad you were able to revel in family and cuddles. Somehow I don't think God minds you missing church to take care of a sick child. I don't have an inside line on that, just a hunch. As far as poop videos go, I haven't explored those particular back alleys of youtube yet. I'll take your word for it that there are such videos, which does not bode well for the future of the species.

leah said...

Now I have to look up "microwaving peeps." I'll be careful to avoid typing in "poops," though - the search results for that must have been frightening!

I hope Connor feels better soon!

Colleen said...

I'm sorry your little man was sick for Easter. I love this post, it made me laugh. I hope he feels better soon!

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