Saturday, April 9, 2011

In Which We Work Hard

Today was a crazy busy day. 

So I woke up a little early this morning, grabbed my skates and was off to Tacoma to participate in the Daffodil Parade!  It was great to see all the kids excited by the roller skating, and some of the floats were really cool.  Connor and Jeremy stayed home because I knew I was going to be there for about four hours, it was pretty cold outside and we didn't think he would be able to handle the loud noises and exciting sights for so long. 

After the parade I popped into Freighthouse Square and had lunch with a couple of derby friends, and then I drove home to discover that Jeremy had spent the time I was gone cleaning the house.  He mopped the floors and everything!  Have I mentioned that I have a fantastic husband? 

I arrived home shortly after our respite care worker and her husband Jake (who is helping us out with the deck) got there.  Jeremy, Jake and I spent the next six hours working outside on the backyard while Connor played inside with Joanna.  Yes, once again it's power tool season for me!  I haven't managed to cut any body parts off myself or anyone else yet, but given my hand-eye coordination it's probably only a matter of time. 

All of that hard work and potential amputation has paid off, though.  Except for one of the benches, the edging and a second coat of stain, the deck is finished!  Also I now have a glorious new bed for my herb and kitchen garden.  Tomorrow the plan is to finish up the deck, and I'll be starting work on a brick herb wheel and a pathway through the kitchen garden bed that will someday connect up to the patio-- whenever we get around to putting that in. 

So it was a long but productive day, and I spent more time outdoors than I have for probably about three months.  I actually got a bit of a sunburn, which is crazy because it implies that there's actually sunshine up here.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be back to cold and chilly, so we'll see how much work I actually get done.  Also it might be dependent on how sore I am.  I suspect I will need a significant amount of ibuprofen to get out of bed in the morning.

I can't wait until summer when we can use our brand new outdoor space!



Kristin said...

pictures, woman! We need pictures!!

krlr said...

Ditto that - pictures please! Am jealous since our mutts have turned our lush lawn into a series of mud wallows.

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