Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Which I Watch My Team Bout And Connor Sort Of Sleeps

Connor decided last night that he was going to break his own record and he stayed literally all night.  I guess the combination of feeling lousy, napping a whole lot during the day, and coming down off his medication all helped there.  I was not terribly appreciative of his new record.  I like my sleep.

I spent most of today doing roller derby bout-related things in preparation for tonight; while I wasn't skating this one there's still a ton of things that go into putting a bout together.  I'm happy to say that not only did my team win again (which means that we'll be playing in the championship bout for the fifth year running) but we also once again sold the place out!  If we keep this up we're going to need to find ourselves a bigger venue.

Connor seemed to be doing all right today; he still felt a little under the weather but he had perked up quite a bit compared to yesterday.  So Jeremy went ahead and brought him along to the bout, decked out in red and black in honor of the occasion.  Jer had a great time, but Connor was not quite so enamored with the evening.  Mostly he seemed to think it was way too loud; he didn't like the whistles or the yelling.  He calmed down quite a bit after we took his hearing aids out, and he spent the whole second half of the evening sleeping in either my or Jeremy's arms.  Of course the second we got him home and put him in his bed he decided he wasn't sleepy anymore.  Right now he's in there singing to himself.

Maybe I should try going in and blowing a whistle at him for a while.  Maybe it would help.


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ellen charge said...

does he take melatonin or anything i know alot of charge people take it for the sleeping problems and it can help

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