Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In Which Connor Takes A Twelve Hour Nap

Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed On His Way To School
So Connor's solid week of insomnia finally caught up to him all at once.

When I woke him up this morning he simply refused to wake up.  He fell asleep as I was putting his back brace on, which is pretty impressive considering the amount of adjusting and cinching that goes into that.  Then he fell asleep while I was putting on his clothes.  He refused to open his eyes during breakfast, and he kept falling asleep with his mouth open while I was spooning in his yogurt.  Every once in a while he'd crack an eye and take a quick look at me, but when he saw that I was watching him his eyes would immediately shut again.

He wasn't sick though, and I figured that maybe he'd perk up once he got to school.  Plus I figured that the best way to ensure that he'd, you know, actually sleep tonight would be to keep him as close to his normal routine as possible.  So I wheeled him into the classroom and left him there (with his eyes still closed).  I told them to call me if they felt like it was just not going to work out today and went off to run my errands and get a little relax time.

One of my best parenting moments?  Maybe not.  But the kid misses enough school as it is, and I wasn't about to call them and tell them that he wasn't coming to preschool because he felt like sleeping in today.

Well, apparently he absolutely refused to wake up, and ended up spending the entire day snoozing on the floor, completely oblivious to the happy noise of his friends around him.  When I picked him up he looked at me all bleary eyed for a minute.  He closed his eyes again when I put him in the van, and by the time I got home he was snoring away.  So I gave up on the activities I had planned and decided to put him down for a nap.

What follows is a pictorial journal of the rest of his day.




I changed out his sleeping pad and took off his shirt around four because he'd drooled all over the place and it didn't look terribly comfortable.  I also changed his diaper, and he didn't even stop snoring through the whole process.

I am happy to say that I took a hint from Connor and also took a nap today.  While mine was not nearly as long as his has been, it certainly was refreshing.

It's now well past his normal bedtime and he's still completely out.  I'm wondering at what point he's going to wake up and decide it's time to start the day.  Two in the morning?  Three?  Place your bets now folks, and I'll let you know tomorrow. 

Silly little guy.


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Jennifer said...

At least he's still out for the moment. I figure about midnight, he'll be up and raring to go.

Aren't vampires night-dwellers? Maybe you should get his blood checked... :P

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