Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Which Connor Has Some Tests

Well, that was unexpected.

Connor slept for a grand total of twenty-two and a half hours (with just a few short breaks in which I tried unsuccessfully to wake him up)-- from 7:00 yesterday morning until 5:30 this morning, when I woke him up to get him ready for our brain MRI and sedated hearing test appointment.  Now that's a long nap! 

Not only that, but he actually went to bed on time tonight and is currently peacefully asleep.  Trust me when I say that I am extremely excited about this, and I'm trying to blog as quickly as I can so that I can take advantage of being able to go to sleep before the wee hours of the morning. 

Connor's tests both went smoothly, though to be honest I wasn't sure if they were actually going to do them at all because he's still pretty congested from his cold of earlier in the week.  They listened to his lungs and after a little debate decided that he'd be all right.  So they got an IV (in a scalp vein, which looks kind of bad but is actually a pretty good place for him to have one since he's much less likely to mess with it) and administered a drug called Propofol to make him fall asleep.  He's been given Propofol in the past for procedures where they need to make sure he remains really still and it's a great drug for him because it puts him out easily and comfortably and he recovers quickly and well from it (it also happens to be the drug that killed Michael Jackson, but that's kind of irrelevant).  The only issue he has with it is that he burns through it really quickly due to his crazy metabolism.  The anesthesiologist said he had to give Connor way more than he was expecting to keep him under. 

Also Connor kept coughing during the MRI so it took them more time to get pictures than they expected, since every time he coughed he of course moved.  But otherwise things went really well.

So we don't have the results on the MRI yet, but we heard the results of the hearing test right away, and right now things look stable!  Connor actually tested like his hearing had gotten slightly better, which the audiologist said was probably due to a margin of error.  At any rate, it was great news to hear that he hasn't experienced any more hearing loss at this time, and I'm really hoping that this continues to be the trend in future years! 

Overall the day went pretty well!  And now I'm off to sleep.  Whoo hoo!



bioniclissa said...

What is Connor's hearing levels right now? Yay for no progression!! I too, havent had any progression in the 20 years since I was diagnosed!

Julia said...

Sounds like good news on just about all fronts! Enjoy your well-deserved (and long-awaited) sleep.

Mary said...

Connor's a copycat! I had propofol on Tuesday. Anyway, glad to hear testing and such went well. <3

Emthe said...

Good news! Glad you finally got some rest, too.

leah said...

Awesome news on the hearing test, the successful MRI, and getting some sleep! If he starts asking to wear a single white glove, you can blame the Propofol. :-D

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