Thursday, April 14, 2011

In Which Connor's Hearing Aids Go Missing

Connor's hearing aids are missing.

I couldn't find them on Tuesday when I got Connor up in the morning.  Jer put Connor to bed Monday night since I was off at derby practice, so I assumed he'd put them somewhere other than their usual nightly spot on the little guy's bookcase.  I called him, but he was in a meeting so it went through to voicemail.  After looking for a little while I figured it wouldn't hurt Connor to go one day without them and took him off to school. 

So I was a little surprised when Jer got home that evening and told me he didn't know where Connor's aids were-- he'd assumed I'd taken them out and put them somewhere before it was the little guy's bedtime.  I searched the house yesterday and today and so far I've had no luck.  The elastic band with the metal clip that attaches Connor's hearing aids to his shirt when he's got them on is a couple of years old now, and he can pull the whole thing off a lot more easily than he used to be able to, so it's certainly possible he could have yanked them off and dropped them somewhere.  Since we were all over town on Monday I'm not really excited about this. 

I'm still hoping that we'll find them in the house somewhere, but we may be out of luck and ordering some new aids in the near future!



Spinocerebellar said...

I am agree with your post.
Thank you for post.

Jennifer said...

Could your homeowner's insurance cover them? Some policies must have hearing aids added as a rider, but some don't, even for losing them.

Julia said...

Ah, a hassle. Fortunately we've never actually lost any hearing aids, but we've come pretty close. We put Ben's aid in a Dry&Store overnight -- really helps with moisture in the tube. Hope you find Connor's hearing aids soon.

EmmaVerdona124 said...

I never lose my hearing aids LOL

but if he needs a new hearing aid in the future, I recommend the Oticon Safaris since they are tamper resistant and the battery door is kidproof :)
FYI, I have them and they're awesome.

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