Friday, April 22, 2011

In Which Connor Is Sick For Real This Time

I think Connor felt bad about not being sick on Monday, so he decided to get sick today to make up for it.  As a result he's running a fever, and we all know what that means.  He had two seizures today: one of them a three minute long apneic seizure.  I kept him home from school and he spent the whole first half of the day asleep.  He's on Tylenol and also a daily dose of Ativan until he feels better.

Jeremy had the day off, so I actually got way more done than I usually do when Connor's feeling under the weather.  Having the sun out again makes me want to throw open the windows and clean everything from top to bottom, but that's hard to do when you've got a kid who just wants to be held all day.  So since Jeremy was home he got to spend some quality snuggling time with the little guy, and I got to start my spring cleaning.  It was pretty nice, other than the whole Connor-being-sick-and-having-seizures part.

If it's not one thing with this kid it's another!


1 comment:

Julia O'C said...

At least the gerbils stayed put...?

Sorry the little guy is under the weather (but happy for you that the actual weather is nice).

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