Sunday, June 5, 2011

In Which Connor Gets A Hair Cut And Almost Loses His Ears

I'm having a hard time typing right now because Loki thinks my laptop is something nice to rub his cheek on.  So he keeps shoving it off to the side while I'm in the middle of a sentence.  I've picked him up and put him on the floor about six times now, but he doesn't seem to be getting the message.  Crazy cat.

So a quick update on my weird finger bump thing; I haven't received word on the x-rays yet, but I think it was probably partially dislocated.  I think this because a couple of days ago I was doing my sign language finger limbering exercises and sort of accidentally popped it back into place.  I won't go into too much detail on that, but trust me when I say it was not the most pleasant thing I have ever experienced.

So there's no bump there anymore, though things are still sort of, um, crunchy in there.  Ew.  Also the joint seems to be sort of sliding back in and out of place every once in a while, which is a kind of unsettling feeling.  Yeah.  My pinky seems to function perfectly well though and it's not painful or swollen, so I'm not too worried about it.

I should find out next week what, if anything the x-rays turned up, so we'll see if I'm right about what happened then!

Connor spent a quiet afternoon with his daddy today; I tried keeping him outside with me while I worked in the yard, but it didn't work out because he started having an allergic reaction to something.  One of his eyes swelled up and he broke out in hives.  So it was back indoors he went.  I have no idea what he reacted to, but there's a whole lot of weed pollen in the air right now and also everyone was out mowing their lawns, so I guess something was in the air.  At any rate, he stayed inside while I moved dirt around and planted ferns down the side of our house.  He's still a little bumpy but it seems to be clearing up and I'd be willing to bet that by tomorrow morning he'll be fine. 

I took him for a hair cut the other day and he's lucky he still has his ears.  The kid has apparently decided that hair cuts are hilarious, and he started jerking around unexpectedly and then laughing when I tried to hold him still.  There were several times he narrowly missed impaling himself on the scissors, which probably would have taken all of the fun right out of the whole situation. 

So his hair cut is a little ragged, but the poor stylist did a remarkable job considering the conditions she was working under.  I tipped her well; she earned every penny.  The ragged hair cut sort of works on him too-- especially when I put his Irish tweed cap on.  It gives him a jaunty, mischievous sort of look.

In addition to giving him a rakish air, the haircut of course makes Connor look like a very dapper, very short gentlemen in his mid-twenties.  How the heck do hair cuts make him look that much older?  My camera is out of batteries right now, but as soon as I replace them I'll take a picture for you so you can see how big he looks now.  He's decided to make it another late night tonight, which I am thrilled about.  I have no idea how this kid functions on so little sleep!  Before they figured out that Connor's apnea spells were seizures, they briefly talked about putting him on caffeine pills to help stimulate his breathing.  I am so, so glad they decided not to do that.  If the kid's like this naturally I can't even imagine how he'd be on caffeine!



Julia O'C said...

I take Emmett to one of those $10 hair cut places and tip the stylist 100% because they're so incredibly kind and patient with him. The "no blood loss" thing is just a bonus. Hm. Maybe I need to tip even more.

I wish I had been there to witness the pinkie thing. I love that stuff. Sorry it hurt when it happened, though.

leah said...

I hope your finger completely heals - an odd popping sound just doesn't seem "right," if you know what I mean! Ouch!

Looking forward to pictures of the amazingly adorable haircut. I wish there was a solution to the bobbing-head scissors problem, but the only thing that comes to my mind is a Flo-Bee. Remember those? The haircuts from those things were rather.... interesting.

At least your hair stylist gets a workout!

Anonymous said...

Be glad your cat let you use the laptop. my cat has sat on main.

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