Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Which Connor Shares With Everyone

Well, Connor must have been pretty disappointed about not getting to share his cold with his classmates.  So he decided to generously give it to Jer and me instead.  We are both completely thrilled with this development, as you can no doubt imagine. 

Connor still felt quite a bit under the weather himself; I got him up and dressed, and then put him in his wheelchair so I could make some breakfast and he burst into tears.  Any time I put him down for more than about two minutes today his lower lip would start dangerously quivering and Mommy Break Time would be over.  Honestly if he was any other kid I would chalk that sort of behavior up to being spoiled, but Connor is such a good natured little guy and crying at the drop of a hat is completely out of character for him and tells me he's really not feeling so hot.  So we ended up spending most of the day lounging on the couch together.  My household chores are rapidly piling up, but there's only so much one can do while balancing a wiggly fiver year old on a hip.  And also I felt sort of lousy myself, so the lounging on the couch might not have been completely Connor's idea.

My guess is that tomorrow is going to be that really fun day where Connor will be on the mend and I will feel truly miserable-- usually I'm sickest on the second or third day I start feeling ill-- and then we will have all sorts of fun times.  I'll be fine with the seizure level dropping (he had only two today) but the energy level rising might be a big issue.  Connor is not the sort of kid that really can entertain himself.  Or, say, be alone anywhere but in bed with the apnea monitor on.  Ever.  Oh well.  I have plenty of tea and brought home a new supply of honey from Canada, so I'm good to go! 

Now I just need more chocolate.  Chocolate is very therapeutic for sick people, so I should probably eat as much as possible of it.  I totally just made up that statistic, but I'm sure that it's true and in order to prove it I should gather as much empirical data as possible.  It's hard work, but somebody has got to do it.

For Science!



Julia O'C said...

It's times like this when I wish I lived slightly less than a billionty miles away, so I could at least [torment the cats with the] vacuum for you or something.


Julia said...

Oy, what a week. I hope the seizures disappear and all of you feel better soon. Have you thought about drinking hot chocolate? The steam can do wonders on stopped-up sinuses, and you still get that therapeutic dose of chocolate.

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