Saturday, June 4, 2011

In Which I Buy A Gigantic Plant And It Is Very Hot

Today dawned gorgeous and sunny, so when Joanna came over to watch Connor Jeremy and I drove to the farmer's market downtown and spent some time wandering.  The market was absolutely packed, so we didn't want to stay too long.  My plan today was to do some work in the garden though, and I had one plant in particular I wanted to pick up that I knew would be cheaper at the farmer's market than in the nurseries.  After browsing several different vendors I bought a healthy looking specimen of giant rhubarb-- also known in these parts as dinosaur plant-- for my shade garden.  These plants can get six to eight feet tall, with leaves up to five feet across.  The one I picked up was considerably smaller, which was good because I'd hate to have to dig a hole big enough to stick a mature plant in. 

So we brought that home and I planted it in a damp, shady spot at the back of my garden.  We'll see whether or not I can manage to keep it alive.

I was planning on doing a lot more work in the garden today, but it was just so darn hot that I chickened out.  And when I say hot, I mean that it was about 78 degrees. 

All of my Texan relatives are laughing at me right now.

I've gotten so acclimated to the cool, damp climate here that somehow weather in the high seventies seems really, really hot.  This is funny because in Texas, where I spent 23 years, weather in the high seventies in June is a cold streak.  I believe it hit 97 degrees in my parent's town today.  But you know, this is the Pacific Northwest and so I'm allowed to complain about anything that's higher than, oh, 73 degrees or so.

Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to sit inside and eat ice cream.  Either way works.


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