Thursday, June 2, 2011

In Which Connor Throws A Party

So this is going to be a short post, because I'm bushed!

The past two nights, Connor has decided that three in the morning is Wake Up Time and he greated the day with a whole lot of very happy yelling and singing.  Apparently three in the morning is the perfect time to throw a little party for yourself; that's what it sounded like was going on in there, anyway.  Perhaps he is attempting to prepare us for Ellen's future teenage girl sleepover parties or something.

I didn't really want to wake up at three in the morning, but Connor's lung capacity has improved considerably so I wasn't really given a choice.  So I'd stumble out of bed every once in a while and check on him.  Both times he ended up falling asleep again around six, and of course an hour later it was his usual wake up time.

I've not been particularly thrilled by this development.

Connor spent all day today in a crabby, clingy, whiny sort of mood, which isn't really surprising considering he's getting four less hours of sleep a night than he's used to.  I was in a sort of in a crabby and whiny mood too.  Then of course he refused to go to sleep once Jer put him down-- he was probably overtired.  He finally fell asleep around eleven in the evening, and I'm really hoping he'll be staying down this time.



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Julia O'C said...

Blergh. Sleep issues. Hope this resolves itself ASAP.

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