Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Which Jer And I Run Waves

Blogger was down last night and wouldn't let me post.  So here's the post today instead!

So Connor decided once again that four in the morning was an appropriate bedtime.  He also decided that the wee hours were the perfect time to demonstrate his extensive lung power and ability to hit notes that can shatter fine crystal.  Fun times.  Luckily vacation time means that it's okay to sleep in, so we didn't emerge from our room until nearly noon. 

After lunch Connor's grandma and grandpa spent some quality time with him while Jeremy and I took the waverunners out on the lake.  Jeremy grew up spending his summers here at the lake house, so he knows the lake like the back of his hand.  The waverunners are a different model than the ones we used last time, and they can really move--we could hit up to 60+ miles per hour-- and Jer had to switch sunglasses because the ones he wore originally didn't have big enough lenses so his eyes kept tearing up when he hit top speeds.  We spent a little bit of time jumping wakes, but the lake was pretty deserted today so there weren't any big cruisers or anything out to provide us with the ability to catch some really good air.  We ended up just spending the rest of the time exploring and looking at all the cool houses.

Unfortunately I managed to miss a four by two inch section of my outer thighs with the sunscreen on both sides.  As a result I now have some glorious racing stripes, which no doubt will look even better when they start blistering and peeling.  We were only out there about an hour and a half, but I have skin so fair I practically glow in the dark so that was more than long enough for me to roast.

Connor spent most of the day indoors because it was so hot outside, but he did get another golf cart ride in before the evening ended.  We tried out the swings over by the golf course, but Connor wasn't as enamored with them as he usually is by swings.  I think maybe it's because it was so hot that he preferred the breeze the golf cart made instead. 

He likes the wind in his face!

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Julia O'C said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! So happy for you!

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