Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Which We Are On Vacation

We're good, everybody!  I didn't post yesterday because we were on an airplane and didn't get in until pretty late.  We're on vacation! 

We started out yesterday morning with a bang; I threw a load of our clothes in the washing machine so that we would come home to a clean house, and about five minutes later Jeremy went into the laundry room and discovered two inches of standing water on the floor.  Apparently I'd forgotten to close the door of the washer before starting it, and of course we have one of those side-opening washers.  We raided the linen closet and used half the towels in our house to soak up the water.  Then Jer firmly closed the door, turned the washer on and started cleaning the litter box.

After about two or three minutes, torrents of water started pouring out around the washer door.  Turns out the problem was not that I had forgotten to close the door.  Turns out the problem was that the washing machine was broken.  Lovely.  So we used up all the remaining towels in the house cleaning up the second big mess.  Now we had twenty soaking wet towels, a wet load of clothes, some of which were originally supposed to be going into our suitcases, and a plane leaving in four hours.

This is not really the ideal way to start a vacation.

Luckily our housesitter offered to take the towels over to her place to wash and dry them so we didn't have to lay them all out in the garage and leave them there while we were gone.  So that was good-- nothing like coming home to twenty moldy towels to really make a vacation fun!  When we get back we'll call somebody out to repair the washing machine right away.  Connor runs through his wardrobe pretty quickly so we can't do without it for long. 

Anyway, Connor did beautifully (as always) on the plane trip; he's a veteran flier by now so he does very well.  We had several people compliment us on our beautifully behaved child.  Of course we also had the people who stared at Connor and whispered things to each other like "It's a shame, he's such a cute child," but it takes all kinds to make the world go round, I guess.  We just ignored them and concentrated on keeping the little guy amused.

It's lovely to be visiting family even if it is hotter than the hinges of hell here.  Today Connor enjoyed a long drive in a golf cart, which he thought was pretty wonderful.  We saw a bunch of deer, and he enjoyed growling at them velociraptor style.  Other fun activities included swimming in an indoor pool and copious amounts of attention from the grandparents, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  Grandparents are good for that sort of thing.  He got kind of a late start to the day because he stayed up until four in the morning and then slept in.  He went down for bed just fine, but about an hour into the night his feeding tube sprang a leak and soaked his bed, waking him up.  Then he got a second wind or something and refused to go back to sleep.  And of course since he slept in until noon, now he doesn't want to go to bed at all.  Oh well-- you're supposed to stay up late and sleep in when you're on vacation, right?

It's nice to get away for a little while!


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Mary said...

As someone smart (or a smartass) always says, "It doesn't take all kinds, there just are all kinds."

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