Monday, June 20, 2011

In Which I Feel Much, Much Better And Get Some Stuff Done

The Herb Garden
I feel much, much better!  This is a very good thing, because I've been ridiculously miserable the last two days.  I'm not going to go into a whole lot of detail about my illness (and believe me, you should thank me for that), but let's just say that I am extremely happy to be on my way back to good health.

I spent a good portion of today just trying to catch up on all of the things around the house I let slide while I was being The Sickest Sicky Person In The World.  It's amazing how quickly the laundry and dishes pile up when I don't stay on top of them!  You can usually use the inside of my house as a barometer for how well Connor is doing-- if it's trashed, he's not so good.  It's weird to see it look that way because I was wiped out; I don't get sick very often. 

Connor felt great, and he and I spent some time outside, where thankfully it seems that whatever was making him break out in hives is either done blooming or taking a break.  So I did some weeding (another chore that very quickly gets out of control if I don't stay on top of it) and trimmed up my herb garden a bit.  With the exception of the dill, which apparently doesn't like me this year, all the rest of the herbs I put in are growing like crazy.  Here's the photo evidence-- this was the herb garden back in April!  I don't do anything to them except water them every once in a while and pull a weed or two, but that seems to be working just fine because they are growing like gangbusters.  They're already big enough that I can actually start using them without worrying about whether or not I'm trimming too much.  I made myself some lemon balm and mint tea from the garden today and it was just lovely.  Fresh herbs are just one of those things I feel like I need access to in order to properly cook anything, so I'm really happy I've been able to put in a huge herb garden like this one instead of being stuck with pots on an apartment patio. 

It's been almost a week since Connor had any seizures, which feels like a pretty good break considering the run of them we've been having lately.  I'm hoping that he'll have a reprieve from being sick and that it'll give him the chance to really recover so we can have a fantastic summer like we did last year!



krlr said...

So glad you guys are both doing better - would much rather hear about herbs & arbors (& goats!), then seizures.

txmoabite said...

Your garden is so pretty!

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