Friday, June 17, 2011

In Which Connor Has His Last Day Of School And Summer Decides To Finally Cooperate

Today was Connor's last day of school for the year!

I dropped him off for a last private hurrah with his teacher, her support staff and his classmates, and then around ten or so all of us parents came back to join the party.  We watched some really cute video compilations of the kid's year and ate popcorn and cookies.  Connor tried a few swallows of his first soft drink ever-- some Sunkist Orange-- and seemed to enjoy it.  He also clapped enthusiastically in all the appropriate places during the video and the subsequent certificate presentations; it was really cute. 

I'm pretty sure he doesn't realize school is over though-- I think he just thought we were having a fun party.  I'm expecting that he'll probably start yelling every time we pass the school for the first couple of weeks of summer, just like he did last year.  I'm thinking the yelling means "Hey Mom, you missed your turn!" or something to that effect.

The weather decided it was time to celebrate too, and we had our first really gorgeous day of summer.  To make things even better our Community Supported Agriculture program finally brought in the first of the strawberry harvest!  All the berries are running about three weeks late because of the even-more-gloomy-than-usual weather we've been having this season.  These aren't the giant, firm strawberries you see in the grocery store; they're the bite-sized, incredibly ripe, delicate strawberries that are incredibly delicious but that don't store more than a week.  Trust me when I say that this is never a problem in our household.  Normally they're all gone by day three.

Despite the great weather, we're going to have to figure out some fun things to do indoors this summer-- at least until the weed pollen goes down!  I can't have the little guy breaking out in hives every time we go out on a field trip.  We'll hit all the museums, the aquarium and spend lots of time at the library again of course, but I'll have to start thinking up some new places to go too.

Bring on the summer!


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