Sunday, June 19, 2011

In Which We Have Father's Day And Jer Is Awesome

So today was Father's Day, of course, and Jeremy spent it being his usual amazing super-dad self.  I woke up feeling marginally better than yesterday but still pretty under the weather, so Jeremy declared it to be a Connor And Daddy Day and took off with the little guy so I could go back to bed. 

Yes, that's right-- it was Father's Day but I'm the one who got to sleep in.  Do I have a great husband or what?

Apparently they went to the park and played for a while, and then did a little shopping, ate lunch, and hung out at the bookstore and coffee shop.  Then they came home and Jeremy did some chores around the house and made a run to the landfill, thereby firmly cementing his Best Husband In The Universe title.  I mostly lazed around the house, but I started feeling a little better in the afternoon and did a little light housework and some gardening.  I'm going to take Jeremy out for a Father's Day dinner on Thursday when we have respite care to make up for being so under the weather today.

I see a whole lot of outdoorsy yard work in our future now that it's staying light outside past when Jeremy gets home from work.  I finished the arbor I was making a while ago and it's been leaning up against the side of the house waiting for post holes to be dug so we can cement it into place.  We've also got plans to put the second coat of stain on the deck and fence, resod the front lawn, weed and mulch all the beds. . . the list goes on.  We're getting someone to come in and finally take care of The Ivy That Ate Manhattan, which is still completely refusing to die no matter what I do to it and its buddies The Bindweed Of Jekyll Island and  Blackberry 9 From Outer Space.  I briefly considered renting a herd of goats to take care of it (yes, they actually do that up here) but I figured that we have a little too much ivy for goats to stomach.  So we'll have a crew come it and do it for us.  Eventually we'll get our wild yard tamed!

Other than a bit of a stuffy nose Connor is completely over being sick and hasn't had any seizures for a few days, which is really nice.  Jer is also feeling pretty much back to normal.  Now if only I can get over this bug we'll be good to go!



mutuelle swiss life said...

very interesting

Emthe said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. About the ivy- I got rid of mine by cutting it back and then pouring boiling water on the ground where the roots were. Cooked things don't grow well. Anything that even looked like it was going to revive got hit again and then it was gone for good.

Julia O'C said...

Yes, mutuelle swiss life [::strokes mustache::]. Very interesting indeed.

Do you have any idea how much I'm wishing you had rented goats? Do you any idea how much I wish that *I* could rent some goats? But wait..isn't it little lambs that eat ivy?

Jess said...

But a kid will eat ivy too! Wouldn't you?

krlr said...

Your hopeful parents piece was fabulous. Marriage can be hard sometimes but that was a beautiful reminder of all the lovely bits.

[And I wish you'd rented goats too! Imagine the pictures]

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