Saturday, April 4, 2009

Coming Out of Hibernation

Tonight Jer and I, accompanied by a slightly grumpy Connor, went out to a restaurant for dinner. It's honestly the first time since Connor's surgery I've gotten dressed up, actually blow-dried my hair and put makeup on. I took a look around the house when we got back. It's a disaster-- I've let everything slide because we've been so stressed. The garden is full of weeds and our sink is full of dishes.

I kind of feel like I've been wrapped in cotton wool for a few weeks. With the surgery, everybody being sick, our emergency room visit, the insurance company fiasco, and the business with Connor's school, our lives have been put on hold. All of my energy that usually goes into taking care of myself and the house has been channeled into taking care of these other things. Now that everyone is on the mend, it's time to start picking up some of the balls I've been dropping.

Tomorrow I'm going to spend some time putting the house to rights. Then I'm going to clean myself up-- go get a haircut, maybe treat myself to a manicure. I know from past experience that taking care of those two simple things will not only make me feel much better, but they'll actually give me more energy. Just being in a less cluttered space will help, and knowing that I look good will give me that burst of confidence I need to tackle all of the issues we're dealing with.

The weather man says the sun is supposed to be shining tomorrow. Spring is finally here. It's time for me to wake up.


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