Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Connor!

Big boy Connor is three!

He had a very quiet birthday today-- he's still feeling under the weather, so we didn't want to push him. We'll do something fun when the whole house is feeling better-- I'm not feeling particularly wonderful myself.

We did go to Toys-R-Us and he helped us pick out a few toys. Hopefully he'll enjoy them. He also received a birthday crown, which he promptly took off and threw on the floor, and a birthday balloon, which is gracing his ceiling right now, the string at a prudent distance away from Loki, The Devourer of All Things Inedible.

Speaking of Loki: we searched everywhere for Connor's hearing aid this morning and couldn't find it anywhere. I finally found it stuffed in the printer. Yesterday we had the same issue with the plug for Connor's g-tube. We found it under his bed. I'm guessing it was Loki in both cases-- he's developed quite a taste for stashing things. A couple of weeks ago I was changing Connor's diaper, looked up, and saw Loki trotting by the open doorway with my cell phone in his mouth. I had to have Jer call it so I could find it. It was under the refrigerator. Crazy cat.

Sorry. Got kind of off topic there. Anyway, thanks for all of the birthday wishes! I read them to Connor and he seemed to enjoy them. Hooray for the big boy!



Princess Abigail said...


Happy Birthday you GORGEOUS little boy!!!!

I am looking forward to being three soon too!

WE should meet up and celebrate together!


Zanda said...

I hope you all feel better soon. Jess, that is a Crazy cat ;o)I can just imagine it with the phone in its mouth! It was probably thinking April fool to Y'all! wait, it probably thinks that every day! ;o)doing the funny stuff it does.

Holly Nappi Collins said...

Happy Birthday!! and what wonderful pictures from your last post!!

Julia O'C said...

What a funny cat!

Hope that you and Connor feel better soon.

Merritt said...


Michael and Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!!

AshleyS said...

Happy Birthday to Connor!!

Sweet Lorraine said...

Happy one-day-late Birthday to the Connor! His aunt who is terrible about sending presents on time will get his present in the mail asap.

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Connor!!! {{hugs}}

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Connor!! (and Connor's parents!)

I'm glad you were able to make up for the chill day with a rough and tumble day with daddy later in the week!

Josh, Kristin and B.J.

Eva Nichole said...

Happy Belated Birthday Connor!!
Crystal and Eva

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