Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sick. Again.

Right on cue, Connor is sick AGAIN.

He's running a fever, irritable, sleepy, and has terrible GI issues. Let's just say the Miralax isn't exactly necessary at the moment. He's been sleeping in a snotty, miserable ball on my chest for the last forty-five minutes.



Carrie said...

Oh poor little guy! The picture just makes me want to snuggle him {{hugs}}

Anonymous said...

That poor little guy looks so sad, so... sick. Sigh. Even with three of my own, it makes me want to snatch him up and give him hugs - though he'd much prefer his mommy's.

I wish for all of you that he can get better and STAY better very, very soon.

AshleyS said...

so sorry for little Connor!!!

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