Sunday, April 5, 2009

In Which My Plans For The Day Are Thrown Out The Window

All in all, the day wasn't a total wash.

So I didn't get to clean the house, or get my hair cut. I spent a good portion of the day alternating between being a human couch for a fevered, sad little boy and changing yet another dirty diaper. I did, however, at least run the dishwasher, ran a few loads of sheets and towels through the laundry, and, on a run out to the grocery store for more infant Tylenol, I grabbed a box of hair dye, which I used this evening. I also threw open all of the doors and windows and aired out the house, as it was a glorious day outside and our rooms have recently taken on that stuffy, sick-people smell.

Loki thought he'd like to take in the air as well. He escaped out the door just after we put Connor to bed, and managed to sprint five houses down before I cornered him in a neighbor's backyard. I'm sure our neighbors wondered what I was doing wandering around near their barbecue making idiotic cooing noises and periodically lunging at the ground. When I finally caught him, Loki started purring like it was actually his idea to be picked up and hauled back into the house. He was, of course, indulging me, as we humans will have our little whims. Crazy cat.

With any luck Connor will be on the mend tomorrow and I can get some more done. I do feel much better just for the little bit I accomplished today. If I keep plugging away at it, things will be back to normal in no time.



Lin said...

Thanks, Loki, for the workout! Cats are such a big help, arent' they?! Ugh. Hope today is better for you all.

J. said...

hope the little man is feeling better soon

Julia O'C said...

My little guy is sick, too - and my house is not as clean I would like. So I feel for you. I hope that Connor bounces back quickly.

Julia said...

Poor kid. Although he looks like he's right where he needs to be, nestled next to you. Ben was Nasty Sick all last week -- one result of which is that a certain sweater will be taken in for dry-cleaning a little ahead of schedule. I hope Connor feels better soon, and that you get that manicure you promised yourself.

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