Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Which We Play Hard

This morning the sun came out again, and the whole day today was just beautiful. Jer had to work again the first half of the day, so Connor and I spent a leisurely morning together and then tootled down to the playground, where we idled away an hour or two. Connor is head-over-heels in love with the swings, but he can't really go on the toddler swings right now because they press against his g-tube, so he and I used the "big boy" swings together. There's nothing quite so wonderful as kicking your heels up in the air on a swing with your little boy perched on your lap, screaming and clapping his hands with glee. Connor would happily have stayed on them all morning, but after about twenty minutes I decided we needed a little variety, so we moved on to the bouncy fire truck, and from there to the slide, the bridge, and the final much dreaded activity: putting our bare feet in wood chips. Connor braved this horror with only a slight (okay, a huge) pout, but it was quickly over and then we finished up on the swings again as a reward for good behavior.

Jer made it home early in the afternoon, and we went out and ran errands until evening. Connor, who had after all not only braved the wood chips but also spent the entire afternoon being hauled in and out of the car, held it together beautifully until we made it home, where he dissolved in a teary, overtired puddle in the middle of our couch. I added to the sadness by taking pictures of it-- something he was not particularly appreciative of, as I was supposed to be getting him his dinner, stat! (Jer was in the kitchen doing it. Apparently this was unacceptable.) The little guy went to sleep shortly thereafter.

Despite the evening fireworks, overall it was a pretty good day!


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Julia O'C said...

Hooray for good days!

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