Monday, April 6, 2009

They're Baaaack....

I know, I know, it's Medical Monday, and I'll post a new one tonight. Connor is down for a nap right now, though, and I had to share this.

As part of my limited housekeeping two days ago, I filled up our hummingbird feeders. We have two feeders out front and one in the back attached to Connor's window. In doing so, I somehow unknowingly touched off hummingbird Armageddon. Our house is now completely surrounded by tiny aggressive missiles of death and destruction, each hell-bent on preventing any of the other hummingbirds from coming near the other feeders. You can actually hear them zooming around outside through the windows-- they sound like tiny chainsaws. At any given moment there's three or four out there pipping at each other and putting on violent aerial games of King of The Hill. Whenever I leave the house, they whirr up and hover in the air two or three feet from my face to determine whether or not I might be trying to eat from their feeders, and if so which eye it would be best to go for first.

Interestingly enough, while they wouldn't hesitate to go for me, they give the bees who also drink from the feeder a wide berth, which I guess shouldn't surprise me too much. I mean, sure they're super aggressive and territorial-- kind of the punt dogs of the avian kingdom-- but they aren't stupid.

The chaos outside has caused pandemonium inside our formally peaceful domain too, as our cats sprint from window to window in a frantic effort to keep tabs on all the delectable little bite-size morsels that keep whizzing around the house. They growl at each other and jocky for prime viewing position. I've had to ban the cats from Connor's room yet again. See that very dirty window? It was clean four days ago. Those are the marks the cats have made by, in Cricket's case, pressing her nose to the window pane and drooling, and in Loki's case, ramming his skull forcefully into the glass repeatedly in the hopes that this time it won't be there and he can actually catch the hummingbirds that are sitting three inches from his face, sticking their tongues out and emitting little squeaky calls of derision. I'd be a little worried that he was giving himself a concussion if I didn't already have evidence that he doesn't really have much in there to rattle around.

At any rate, Connor finds the hummingbirds pretty fascinating, when they'll stay still enough for him to see. They really like the feeder on his window, as it has the attraction of less foot traffic, a handy little perch, and also entertainment in the form of Loki bashing his head against the glass. They've already emptied it out completely once. I highly suggest getting one of these feeders-- it may not work for other birds, but hummingbirds are cheeky little things, and they are so fearless you can sit on a stool (or in Loki's case, crouch three inches away) and they'll ignore you. Lord knows what it's going to be like when the barn swallows get back in town. They nest in our carport and are incredibly territorial. Between them and the hummingbirds, we might have to dig a tunnel to our car. I'll add it to my to-do list.



Edit said...

I have a hummingbird feeder, too. My cats love to watch the birds and make that strange sound while their jaws move up and down in a chomping motion.

Sorry to hear Mr. Connor has been sick! That must be so hard to watch your baby suffer. I hope he feels 100% soon.

gloria said...

Oh Connor. Still feeling puny? And those crazy hummingbirds! We were all outside yesterday, Elayna in her stroller and I was in the rocker. A hummingbird came zooming out of nowhere and hovered RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER FACE for a brief moment before rocketing off. We were sitting underneath the normal feeder spot, so I suppose that's why. I made some nectar today and can't wait to see the pretty little things darting around... from a safe distance. Let me know if there's anything you need... milk, eggs... just kidding. No really, just let me know. We're happy to help. We'll have to go stroller skating when Connor's feeling up to it. Later!

Zoe Ann Hinds said...

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Lin said...

Loved your hummingbird descriptions--they ARE mini-fighter pilots, aren't they? Who would think they are so beastly territorial?? I like how they fly right up and stare at you in your face, checking us out to see what's going on. Brave little dudes, aren't they??

You don't have to have the red colored food for them--just make your own with sugar water. They don't need the red dye in there to make them come. It's easier and cheaper to make your own food.

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