Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Which I Jump About From Topic To Topic With No Transition Whatsoever

We got an e-mail back from the school district about whether or not we're allowed to tape the IEP meetings. They said that they'd agree to have the next one recorded, and they'd bring a tape recorder too. That's totally fine with us. Hopefully the meeting next Wednesday will allow us to resolve our differences over what Connor needs to get an adequate education. I'm really tired of going to meetings.

Connor was much improved this morning; his fever is completely gone, he ate more than he has in weeks, and he seemed pretty chipper. We took him into the doctor's office about eleven, and the poor little guy recieved two more big shots of Rocephin, which he didn't appreciate at all. I'm told that those shots hurt like a son-of-a-gun. The blood cultures were still pending, but we've got another appointment tomorrow and we'll find out what, if anything, showed up then. For Easter Sunday Connor will recieve yet two more shots in his much abused little thighs. Poor guy.

The highlight of the week for me thus far happened when I refilled the hummingbird feeder on Connor's window. I took the feeder off and filled it in the kitchen, and then walked back through the yard to hang it up again. As I rounded the corner of the house, two male Rufous hummingbirds zoomed up to where the feeder normally is, saw me with the feeder in my hand, and actually flew up and perched on the feeder about four inches from my face. They stayed there for about five minutes, periodically launching themselves up off the feeder and zooming in circles around my head while I tried very hard to look like a small pink-barked tree. I discovered that hummingbirds breathe really, really fast. Also they shoot their tiny tongues in and out when they sit up to take a break from eating-- they look like they're licking the last bit of necter off the edges of their beaks. I'd never seen two male Rufous hummingbirds eat from the same feeder before; usually they're the one's trying to drive all the other hummingbirds away. These two just fluffed their feathers at one another and pipped a couple of times, but I guess they were hungry enough that they were willing to temporarily share. After they finally flew off I hung the feeder and then walked into the house in a daze, sporting a giant goofy grin. Now I've taken to walking back to Connor's window with a refilled feeder very, very slowly, in the hopes that it will happen again. My neighbors probably think I'm nuts.

Anyway, an early Happy Easter to everyone!


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Sweet Lorraine said...

Wow. I bet it was a really neat experience having hummingbirds that ridiculously close and for that length of time! Sounds like cause for a poem to me.

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