Monday, April 27, 2009

In Which My Cat Finds An Implausible Solution To A Stupid Problem

Loki has struck again.

In addition to his love for ceramic animals and our cake stand, Loki has this thing for paper ribbon-- the kind that comes on balloons. Connor has a balloon left over from his birthday (those things last FOREVER) that is still bobbing on his ceiling above his crib. The string of the balloon is dangling about four feet above his crib, and all of the sudden I noticed that the bottom inch or so of the string looked chewed on. I knew the culprit had to be Loki, but his methods were a mystery. How the heck was the cat getting up there?

I was sitting sorting out Connor's old clothes when Loki sauntered in and jumped up into Connor's crib. From there he leaped onto the roof of Connor's firehouse bookcase. From the roof of the bookcase, he carefully walked along the curved railing of the crib until he reached the other side. Then he turned around on the inch-wide rail, wobbling dangerously, and reared up on his hind legs. From there, leaning slightly forward, he could just manage to reach the bottom inch of the string with his teeth. He chewed on it for about three seconds before he lost his balance and plummeted down into the crib, whereupon he immediately raced over to the bookcase and jumped up again. Based on the mangled condition of the ribbon, I'm not sure how many hours he's put into doing this, but it must be quite a few. Why, oh why does my cat come up with brilliant ways to do idiotic things?

Crazy cat.



J. said...

that is hysterical, the cat clearly has to much time on his paws, oh if we could all have that problem.

Julia said...

Reminds me of that documentary they made about the ingenious methods that squirrels come up with for getting into any birdfeeder, overcoming all anti-squirrel devices in their way. If only my students were this persistent about problem-solving.

Julia O'C said...

You have the coolest cat ever.

Connor's Mom said...

J: I know, right? I would probably spend it all reading in the bathtub with a tub of icecream, though, so maybe it's good I don't have that kind of time on my hands.

Julia: Yes. Squirrels are the furry Special Forces of the animal world.

Julia O'C: My shredded houseplants beg to differ.

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