Friday, April 10, 2009

The Hospital Stay is Averted!

So Connor had his doctor's appointment this morning. They took blood, urine, and stool samples, and we're waiting on those cultures right now. They said since he didn't look dehydrated, we could take him home instead of waiting in the hospital, which was nice.

Of course, since we took him to the doctor today, he had a better day than he's had in weeks. He was smiling, cooing, and just in a generally good mood right up to the point where we started prepping him for a blood draw. Then he was the Saddest Boy In The Universe. He perked up after we left the doctor's office, though.

We got a phone call this afternoon from the doctor with the preliminary results from the blood labs. Apparently Connor's white blood cell count (WBC) was really high. The doc said that Connor's WBC should be somewhere between 5,000-15,000 cells per ┬ÁL (microlitre). Connor's is currently at 27,000. We're not sure what this means right now. The doc said it could potentially have been caused by the stress of drawing the blood, but she didn't think that was likely. It could be an indicator of an infection, though it doesn't tell us what kind of infection or where it is.

To play it safe while we wait for the cultures to come in, they gave him two shots-- one in each thigh-- of an antibiotic called Rocephin. Connor was not thrilled with this, but he calmed down pretty quickly afterwards.

We got back in the car around five thirty, drove back to the gas station, and while sitting there in the car Connor proceeded to have a full melt-down. He's been Mr. Crabby Pants ever since.

We'll go back into the doctor's office tomorrow to find out the results of the cultures. Hopefully with this massive dose of antibiotics, he'll be back to his old self in no time.



txmoabite said...

Yay for spending Easter at home instead of in the hospital :)
Hope Connor continues to feel better!

Leah said...

Hi Connor, I really hope you are feeling better soon and smiling some more!

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