Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snake, Snake, It's a Snake!

For the last two years of life, Connor has been completely in love with a fuzzy Cookie Monster doll. "Cookie," who is in his second incarnation as Cookie senior met his demise in a parking lot shortly after we moved here, is a much chewed on, raggedy-but-faithful friend. Sadly, Connor has proved fickle and has now dropped Cookie completely in favor of another, better toy. Poor Cookie.

The usurper is Connor's plaid snake, which we have named "Snake" in our usual creative fashion. One of my really good friends made this for him before he was born, and Snake has hung out in Connor's crib ever since. Suddenly he's discovered it. He likes to hug it, nuzzle it, and on occasion taste it-- the satin tongue is apparently especially yummy. Of course, he did pick the one toy in his crib that's completely impractical to take anywhere, as it's too big for him to carry and we can't exactly stick it in his wheelchair; either it would be hitting me in the chest as it bounced over the top or we'd need a four-foot clearance on either side when we went walking. Oh well: for the foreseeable future, Snake will have to visit with Connor only while he's napping or hanging out on the floor, but that's okay. Maybe he'll stay cleaner longer.

Yesterday was a very full, very exhausting day. We had the IEP meeting that morning, and honestly I'm not really sure yet what to think about it. Jer and I have some very important decisions to make, and there are some big things in the works. I'll let you know more as soon as we decide what we're going to do-- right now everything's up in the air. Jer didn't get home until almost 8:30 at night, so we haven't really had a chance to talk about it.

I made an appointment this morning for Connor in GI. The earliest appointment they had was for May 5th, and I am absolutely not okay with doing another three weeks of Spontaneous Poop Explosions (he blew up twice yesterday: all over our local Panera Bread and a friend's couch), so I called their office directly and will hopefully hear back from one of the GI docs in the next couple of days.

Apparently there are no referrals in for urology and ENT, which are the other appointments I'm supposed to be making, so I'll have to make some more phone calls. I also left a message for the developmental peds clinic-- they were supposed to call before Connor's third birthday to set up his annual appointment with the team, and that hasn't happened either. Rawr.

While I'm waiting for my phone calls to be returned, I'm going to be doing some heavy Spring cleaning. Might as well take my mind off all of the crazy stuff we've got going on. Also the house looks like a tornado went through-- not a likely excuse in the Pacific Northwest.



Greymare said...

Haha! I can't believe he loves snake so much now! In retrospect, perhaps a mini version would have been a better size...

iceehot said...

Phone calls, phone calls, phone calls. Its so hard to stay on top of it all.

I hope GI gets him in sooner, May is too far away, all things considered!

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