Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Looming IEP Meeting

I just got back from my sign class, and our son, Saddy the Sadkin, is asleep. He slept about ten hours today, mostly on my chest while I looked up and printed out various portions of state and federal law concerning IEPs and arranged my notes for tomorrow's meeting with the school district. Nothing's really changed; he's still running a low grade fever, still having some seriously nasty diapers, and in a generally crabby mood, but otherwise okay. We didn't hear from the doctor today-- one of the drawbacks of the military hospital. On the one hand, it's probably not important enough for me to page Dr. Adams myself for an immediate call back. On the other hand, this "the doctor will call you some time in the next two business days" stuff really stinks. Oh well. We'll keep dosing him with Tylenol and keep him hydrated in the meantime.

I dropped by the store on the way home from class and picked up a tape recorder and some blank tapes. Well, okay, four stores. Those things are hard to find nowadays. Anyway, we'll be bringing all of this stuff, along with a grumpy and still-sick-but-probably-not-contagious Connor, to our IEP meeting tomorrow. I'm really, really hoping we'll be able to get the school to change their tune, as we have enough things to deal with without throwing mediation and due process onto the list, but if that's what it takes, so be it.

Wish us luck tomorrow-- I'm off to bed.



Sweet Lorraine said...

Good luck sister of mine. I hope they're more cooperative this time around.

Julia said...

Good luck! The tape recorder is an excellent idea. I hope Saddy is a little more perky today, and that the fever is down.

And I love the Discovery Ball! A friend of mine just had a baby, so I might get one for them.

Let us know how it goes today.

Julia O'C said...

The tape recorder? GENIUS. So, so smart. I really hope that things go Connor's way this time.

Did you read Rob Rummel-Hudson's speech at the TSHA convention (it's on the blog)? Here's a quote:
"Can you imagine that world where parent/teacher meetings didn't consist of "Here's why we can't try that" but instead simply "Why not?"

I hope you hear lots of "why nots" at your meeting.

Alisa George said...

Good luck! I am thinking of you guys this morning!

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