Friday, April 3, 2009

Fruitless Errands

I just got home-- I've been running fruitless errands all day. Some days are just like that, I guess. I made a stop by a friend's house to drop something off, but we'd gotten our wires crossed and she wasn't home. I went from there to the hospital, where I discovered that the hospital didn't have the paperwork I needed to pull. From there, I drove to the framing shop, where I learned that the picture I needed to pick up wasn't ready yet. I got some dinner and drove out to my CPR class.

While I was at class, the framing shop called to say that my picture was ready. Class ran twenty minutes late, and I pulled into the framing shop parking lot just as they locked the doors. Let's just say that this was not the most productive day in the world. I now sympathize with those hamsters on their little wheels-- I can relate.

Because of all my errands, Connor had a Daddy day. Jeremy has fun wearing out the little guy, who always has a blast and as a result sleeps like a rock, which makes me happy too. Kind of a good deal all around. Hopefully he'll sleep in late, so Jer and I can too. Otherwise we'll play rock, paper, scissors tomorrow morning to see who has to get up and who can continue to make sure the pillows are functioning properly.

At least I'm officially certified in CPR now. Though I have to say, since I've performed it six or seven times on Connor, I kind of feel like they should give you a free pass or something for that. Apparently the government doesn't agree with me on that one. Oh well.



Lucas'Mommy said...

Aren't daddies great? My hubby always wears Lucas out too, and he usually sleeps well after that!

Julia O'C said...

Wow. When my husband watches the kids, he mostly manages to just trash the house.

And yes: having to perform CPR on your son should make you exempt from the classes.

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