Friday, April 24, 2009

Shopping: Thrifty Style

Connor had a much better day today. Thanks to Kristin and J. for suggesting using Vaseline with the diaper cream-- it really seemed to help. He had more of an appetite and seemed much more comfortable. We haven't tried "airing him out" yet as delightful ladies Julia and Julia O'C suggested-- we have to be kind of careful about that because we don't want any repeats on the whole ripping-out-the-tube thing, but if he still looks like he has the rash in a few days we'll try that with close supervision.

I indulged in one of my favorite pastimes today: thrift store shopping. My friend Anna and I are really, really bad about this-- we've hit every thrift store in a twenty mile radius at least twice, and we react to finding a new one with excitement probably way out of proportion to what finding a place that sells other peoples' junk should elicit. I've found some of the coolest things in thrift stores, and it's the thrill of stumbling on something unexpected but perfect that keeps me coming back. Connor's firehouse/bookcase was one of those things; I bought it for seven dollars in a salvage yard, slapped some red and gold paint and a little tower on it, and voila! Instant firehouse bookcase. I'm very proud of it-- the little bell inside the tower even rings. Someday I'll get around to redoing the inside, too.

So right now I'm looking for some decent side tables for my living room. Currently I have the Ikea 10 dollar MDF variety, and while they are functional they don't exactly add to the the decor. The problem with thrift stores, of course, is that I end up looking at a whole bunch of things and thinking: Wow! Only twelve dollars! With new paint, hardware, legs, and top, that would make the perfect table!. It's kind of ridiculous. Oh well. I'll find something eventually-- and half the fun is looking. However, I do find myself kind of annoyed recently because due to the recession, competition for the really cool stuff has suddenly become much more fierce, causing the local thrift stores to jack up their prices due to demand outstripping supply. I want them to regain their formerly "trashy" reputation, so all of the people who've suddenly decided thrift store shopping is better than Neiman Marcus will quit getting there before me and taking all the good stuff. Rarr.



Colleen said...

Well there's nothing like a good bargain! I hope Connors rash keeps getting better.

Lucas'Mommy said...

I love thrift shopping too! It's the excitement of finding something original for an unbeatable price! Love it!

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