Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunny Day

I spent a good portion of the day today outdoors at a very fun military spouses' function. Due to the mild temperatures and cloudless sky, I have my first ever Pacific Northwest sunburn. I actually didn't realize for a while that I even had a sunburn-- I just thought that I'd scrubbed my face too hard getting the camo face paint off. I'm lucky after spending five hours out in the sun that my skin is only slightly pink. I swear that it doesn't burn as brightly here or something-- if I'd tried that in Texas I'd be the color of a boiled lobster. I'll count myself lucky and put on sunscreen next time.

Jer had to go into work after lunch, so Connor and I hung out around the house. Sleep has been in short supply around here; Connor's been waking up at night. We can't figure out exactly why, but he is very sensitive to how Jer and I are feeling and tends to get nightmares if we're particularly stressed, so that's our best guess as to what's going on. At any rate I've spent a lot of time out of bed, and that combined with the physical activity of this morning hit me with a double whammy this afternoon. Connor was down for a nap and I decided to take a nice, hot bath. The water felt really, really good, and I closed my eyes for just a second, and the next thing I knew the water was cold and my neck was cramping from being in such an unnatural position so long. I'd wedged it against the corner of the tub, which is why I hadn't woken up with a nose full of water. Whoops. Shortly thereafter Jer came home, and he let me go back to sleep for another blissful four hours while he hung out with the little guy. I'm happy to say that I feel much, much better now.

I'm sad to say that Jer has to go back in to work tomorrow as well, so we won't see a lot of him this weekend, but hopefully the next week won't be quite so crazy. Who knows?


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Julia O'C said...

I'm so curious about the camo face paint!!!

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