Friday, November 18, 2011

In Which Connor Feels Better And I Go On A Crafting Road Trip

Connor woke up at midnight last night and proceeded to yell and play in his bed until 5:30 in the morning.  That wasn't really surprising, considering he went to bed at four in the afternoon the night before.  He tried to fall asleep on me repeatedly over the course of the afternoon, but I kept him awake because I am an evil mom and also because I don't really want to get up at the witching hour again tonight. 

So Connor's making up for it now by refusing to go to bed.  It's already past 11:00 and he's currently lying in bed, warbling to himself contentedly.  Oh well.  Jeremy took him to school and let me sleep in since I stayed up on Seizure Patrol until the wee hours.  Jer's pretty great like that.

Even though his sleep schedule is totally screwed up right now, at least the little guy didn't have a single seizure today!  He hung out with his daddy while I drove up to Seattle to pick up the felt I need for my next few projects. 

Since they closed my beloved Pacific Fabrics store in Puyallup, whenever I need project materials I have to drive 45 minutes one way to their Seattle location.  It's the nearest store I've found in the area that carries felt in the colors and quality I need to make my stockings and other fun things.  The twelve inch squares that the vast majority of fabric and craft stores carry are too thin and small for most of my projects.  The local Hancock fabrics carries a few colors on bolts, but the selection is pretty limited. 

Even if they did have the colors in felt I needed, they carry only a couple of colors of sequins.  If there's one thing I need for my ridiculously complicated projects, it's sequins, which Pacific has in abundance.  So I made the long drive today and stocked up on the supplies I need for the next three projects I'm doing.  That way I shouldn't have to make the trek again for a while.

It's a hassle, but that's what I get for picking a weird hobby I guess.  I haven't run into too many other people who do large felt appliqué projects.  Oh well!


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