Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In Which Connor Uses Passive Resistance And I Set Off The Sequin Apocalypse

The fever and sewing saga continues. 

I drove Connor down to the clinic for his doctor's appointment this morning to see if we could figure out what was going on.  We have yet another new Primary Care Manager because they switched us over to the Puyallup clinic-- I believe this is the third new PCM in four months.  Whee!  Anyway, the doctor checked out the still-feverish little guy, listened to his chest (clear), looked in his ears (normal) and then presented us with one of those glorious little baggies that you stick, to use a traditional southern term, where the sun don't shine, to collect a sample to check for a UTI.

Connor was a good sport overall about the bag thing and didn't protest it-- he's much more into passive rather than active resistance.  He simply decided that he was never, ever going to pee ever again.  Other than a short trip home for Connor's noon medication, we spent our waiting time wandering around the Target nearby the clinic.  We were there for nearly four hours before he finally gave in and produced a sample. 

Four hours in Target is a long, long time.  There are only so many times I can walk down the Lego aisle before even I begin to lose interest.

I had to check on the, um, proceedings every fifteen minutes or so because there's a time limit on getting the sample back to the clinic.  So four times an hour I'd take Connor down to the restroom.  After our fifth trip I started getting some weird looks from the clerks.  Around our eighth trip the security guard began subtly following us around the store. 

After the twelfth trip she approached us and we ended up having to explain the situation.  There's nothing like discussing your five year old's bodily functions with a guard who suspects you are shoplifting to liven up the day.  Good times.

Anyway, finally Connor cooperated and we got to turn in the sample and go home, where I put the little guy down for a nap and spent some time working on the Chinese dragon stocking, which will be known from now on as the Sequin Apocalypse. 

I'm not entirely sure just how many sequins I'll be using on this stocking, but I don't really want to know because it's probably some really depressing number.   The dragon is starting to take shape now, and I think he's going to look pretty neat when he's finished, even though he'll probably doom us all to sparkly, sparkly Armageddon. 

Anyway, Connor's doctor called while I was working on the stocking.  Apparently preliminary results weren't indicative of a UTI, but they'll do a culture to double check.  In the meantime, we should keep a close eye on him and if he's still running a fever on Friday they want us to bring him back in. 

So I'm glad that it's looking like a UTI is not the problem; hopefully it's just a little virus of some sort and it will clear up soon!


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krlr said...

Oh my, Target security! Sorry, but that's hysterical. Happy Thanksgiving!

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