Monday, November 21, 2011

In Which Connor Keeps The Heat On And It's Really Cold In Here

Connor had another feverish, seizure-filled day today, though thankfully it was a lot better than yesterday on both counts because his fever didn't have a chance to climb very high at all before we were throwing medication at it.  The highest temperature I clocked on him today was 101.7. 

He had six seizures and slept a good portion of the day, (which meant another ten hours sitting on the couch sewing for me), but towards the evening he perked up a little bit and even sat up on his daddy's lap for an hour or two before bedtime. 

 Because of all the sitting and sewing I've now almost finished the stocking I'm working on.  I've done everything on the front except for the polar bear, and I'm waiting on the felt for that to arrive in the mail.  So depending on when that gets there I might actually have the project finished by Thanksgiving.  Crazy. 

Another reason Connor's fever probably stayed lower today was that it's so darn cold in our house; the furnace decided to go out on us.  So we've got the furnace guy coming tomorrow too.  Right now I've got the gas fireplace going and we're all bundled up.  Connor's sleeping in our room tonight because his little room is pretty tiny and has a giant window, which means that it's freezing in there.  I've got a blanket over the gerbils' cage and they're buried down in their bedding; hopefully they'll be all right.

Look how mistreated they are.
Cricket demonstrated her feelings on the general temperature in the house by sitting down literally three inches away from the fireplace and refusing to move.  Every once in a while she'd shoot me a wounded look because obviously she was just freezing in her nice thick fur coat.  I finally put a blanket down in front of the fireplace for her, and she and Loki called a truce and spent the entire day curled up by the fire.  As far as they're concerned, I've turned the fireplace on specifically for their benefit. 

Anyway, I'm taking the little guy in tomorrow morning to the doctor's office, so we'll see whether or not he has some sort of an infection going.  We're still not seeing any coughing or congestion at all.  For a typical kid, having a fever like this wouldn't be a big deal, but with Connor it can quickly cause some major issues so we need to have him seen.  I tried to get an appointment for today, but they didn't have any so it was either wait until tomorrow or take him to the Emergency Room today where he could sit for a while and marinate in everyone else's germs. 



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Such a lovely picture my catson sits by my fireplace too!

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