Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In Which We Get Some Good News And Connor Never Sleeps

It's nearly 1:00am, and since I've had six hours of sleep in the past two days (guess who went to bed at 3:30am yesterday?) I would really like to go to bed now.  Really.  But my darling child is still awake.  This does not bode well for my sanity and/or higher brain function tomorrow. 

In other news, we received some good news today; it looks like the flood waters have finally started to recede in the area that Ellen's orphanage is located!  This is fantastic news, and hopefully means that the worst of the danger is over for the children.  I'm hoping that this is the last monsoon season she will spend in Thailand.

I've been putting together November's Thanksgiving-themed care package for our girl.  We're trying to keep them small and filled with things she can share with her friends.  Not only does she not have a lot of space to keep her possessions, but we want to be sensitive to the fact that she is probably one of very few children at her orphanage receiving care packages.  If we send elaborate or expensive gifts to Ellen, we could possibly not only make the other children feel bad, but also cause our daughter to be ostracized or bullied due to her peers' resentment and jealousy.  We figure for Christmas and her birthday (which is coming up in January-- she'll be fourteen!) we'll purchase her essentials for when she comes home, like bedding, furniture, etc. and keep her care packages small with only one or two personal items. 

And that's about all the brain function I have to write tonight.  Get some sleep for me, okay?



Julie Tocher said...

How long will it be before you can travel to Thailand and bring Ellen home? Will it require more than one trip?

Jess said...

Current wait times once a dossier has been sent to Thailand are running about one to two and a half years. Our dossier went over about eight months ago, so we can expect another four to twenty-six month wait. Because Thailand visa restrictions set the age limit for international adoption at 16, we have to have her home before January of 2014. We're hoping for sooner rather than later!

Thailand requires just one trip.

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