Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Which Connor Is Sick And Has A Whole Bunch Of Seizures

Well I'm kind of glad today is over, because it was not terribly fun.

Connor's fever went down a little bit at a time throughout the day, and by the evening was completely gone, which was good.  What wasn't so good was that he had a horrible thirteen seizures.  Also we're pretty sure he had a migraine at the end of the day, which wasn't too surprising given the number of times he'd had the oxygen supply to his brain cut off.  He slept about eight hours total during the day.

So it was not a particularly great day for either one of us; basically he clung to me the whole day and got upset any time he woke up and I was out of immediate eye shot.  He only calmed down right before his bedtime after Jer got home and figured out the little guy was in the middle of a migraine.  We dosed him up with Tylenol and he perked up a bit before falling asleep on our bed. 

I still have no idea what caused his fever, but he doesn't have school tomorrow so that will give him another day of rest-- and hopefully recovery, as I would rather not have tomorrow look anything like today did.




Fiona said...

Sounds awful for all of you Jess.
Keeping fingers crossed tomorrow is better day.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Blegh. What a horrible day - for everyone (but especially Connor). Let's hope today is a better day.

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