Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In Which Connor Has More Seizures And I Discover The Perils Of A Sedentary Lifestyle

Well it was another glorious day over here in seizure land.  Connor had nine today, which is four less than yesterday but still about nine more than I'd like him to be having.  That brings the grand total of seizures in the past three days to a daunting twenty-five.  I'm hoping we're on the down slope of this particular trend; he didn't run a fever at all today and seemed to be in better spirits during the periods of the day he was conscious.

Since he was doing a bit better and was okay with me not holding him every second of the day today, I left the little guy with Jeremy this evening and took off for roller derby practice.  Unfortunately, I had to pack it in early as this did not go particularly well either. 

A word to the wise: sitting on a couch in one place with a nearly 40 pound child on your lap for twelve hours a day, two days in a row is not the best way to warm up for an exercise regime.  Especially an exercise regime which is in a new practice space with floors that are way, way stickier than you are used to when you forgot to change out your super grippy wheels for a pair that will not make it feel like you are skating through three inches of wet cement. 

Also eating a diet consisting largely of leftover Halloween candy, hummus and crackers, and whatever I could find in the back of the pantry that I didn't need to cook probably didn't help. 

At any rate, my right calf declared war on me in the first five minutes of practice, and by the time we were half an hour in I was stretched out on the carpet while a teammate massaged my right calf and shin as my left leg tried to decide whether or not it was going to get into the act and start cramping too.

So that was the end of practice for me.  I drove home, drank a bunch of water, ate a banana, took some ibuprofen and a hot bath, and now I'm calling it a night.  It stinks because derby is my stress relief, and I've had just a wee bit of stress in the past couple of days.  But I'll listen to my body and give it a rest until our bout on Saturday. 

So yeah, not a particularly great day!


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