Friday, November 11, 2011

In Which We All Feel Under The Weather And Winter Is Coming

Jer, Connor and I spent a quiet Veteran's Day at home today.  The little guy was off from school, but the weather was pretty gloomy and rainy outside and everyone in the house is feeling a little under the weather, so we figured a laid back day was the way to go.  I was pretty sure that Connor and I just had some mild allergies and I actually felt pretty good today, but around bedtime my throat started getting sore and Jeremy began coughing. 

That man has a cast iron immune system, so if he feels like he's coming down with something than I'm sure the rest of us already have it.  We're supposed to have respite care tomorrow, but we may have to cancel depending on how we're feeling. 

So I'll pop in the store tomorrow and grab some lemons; any time I'm feeling sick I mix up a quick batch of honey lemon tisane and sip on it all day.  There's nothing like it for soothing a sore throat.  Sometimes I'll add a little ginger for an extra kick or a bit of vanilla sugar to smooth it out, but most of the time I keep it simple.  Or if I'm too sick to go to the store for lemons, I'll just eat honey with a spoon.  It's the best tasting cough medicine ever.

We did do a bit of work today-- we're slowly getting the house ready for the winter season, so we changed out the heating filter, replaced a lot of light bulbs and started raking up the leaves, which is quite the job in the Pacific Northwest.  I'll be cleaning out the gutters and winter-proofing our hose connections this weekend.  The nights are starting to dip pretty close to freezing, so it's about that time.  It doesn't seem possible that winter is coming up so soon!


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