Saturday, December 24, 2011

In Which Christmas Is Upon Us And In The Case Of One Family Member Is Already Here

It's Christmas Eve, and Santa has come and gone, leaving the stockings filled and brunch laid out for Connor to discover tomorrow morning.  The little guy has been asleep for hours; ten seizures today left him wrung out and cut short our plans for a walk in the park and for viewing the neighborhood Christmas lights.  He's picked up some sort of GI bug that's making him miserable right now.  Of course he still had the energy to snuggle up to Jer and I and give us some little giggles and smiles in between seizures today, because that's how our brave sunshiney boy is.  Hopefully things will be better for him when he wakes up on Christmas morning. 

It's already Christmas morning for Ellen; there's about a fifteen hour time difference between Puyallup and where she lives in Thailand.  Christmas is not widely celebrated in Thailand, so it may be a day just like any other for her.  We're looking forward to introducing her to all of our holiday traditions next year if she's home. 

Of course I wish she was here to celebrate with us now!  Our dossier has now been in Thailand about nine and a half months, which is how long Ellen has known about us.  If our wait is hard, I can't imagine what hers is like.  She's an extremely brave girl to be open to starting over in a new country with a family of strangers.  I'm not sure that in the same situation I'd have that kind of fortitude.  I haven't even met her yet and I'm already proud of her. 

I think she and her brother already have a lot in common.



Julia O'C said...

What a beautiful post. I hope that one day your daughter reads your blog.

Merry Christmas, friend. I hope today is a good one.

Fiona said...

Merry Christmas.
Your kids (both of them) are an inspiration, as is your whole family.

Renate said...

As a person who came here as a teenager (16 yo), I know how frightening it is to take that step. It's a very difficult transition, especially if you don't speak any English (which I didn't), so be prepared for some hard times. Hopefully, her experience in school will be more pleasant than mine. I will be rooting for her! Merry Christmas to you and your family and here is to hoping the little guy will have a better year ahead of him!

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