Sunday, December 18, 2011

In Which Connor Is Full Of Germs Yet Again

Okay, now Connor seems to have an eye infection going.  Either that or he managed to scratch his right eye at some point during the day, because we noticed this evening that it's all red, crusty and weepy.  It seemed fine this morning.  Whee!

Look, I swear I bathe my kid and everything.  While sometimes the sink fills up with dishes and our laundry sits longer than it should, our house does not look like it should be featured on "Hoarders."  I have no idea why all of the sudden he seems to be trying to break some sort of record for as many ailments as possible within the shortest amount of time.  While I'm always proud of my son's achievements, I'm not particularly thrilled with this one. 

So I'll be calling the doctor's office again tomorrow to get him an appointment set up before he, I don't know, catches the bubonic plague or something.

What the heck is up with my child's immune system?


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Julia O'C said...

I blame the weasels.

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