Thursday, December 1, 2011

In Which Connor Would Be Better Off Having Pink Eye

Another seizure-filled day.  His mornings seem to go all right, and then he starts seizing in the afternoon.  He had four today, and once again spent most of his time sleeping.  It's not a pattern I like.

The seizures are once again taking their toll on his body.  I've though for the past few days that Connor might be getting pink eye because his left eye was all bloodshot.  His eye hasn't been gunky at all, though, and then I noticed that after every seizure it gets a little bit worse.  So I did some homework, and while I'm no doctor I'm pretty sure that what's happening is something called petechial hemorrhaging.  Basically the lack of oxygen to his head during the seizures is causing the capillaries on the surface of his eye to break.  It's a harmless, though dramatic looking, side effect of the significantly less-harmless asphyxiation he's probably experiencing during these things. 

Fun fact: apparently they use petechial hemorrhaging in forensic science to identify strangling victims.  Glorious.

So I'll be calling and making yet another appointment with the neurologist in very near future.  We'll also see Connor's pediatrician just in case my Doctor Mom diagnosis isn't the correct one and there's something else going on that's causing the issue.  Better safe than sorry-- I don't really want to mess around with this sort of thing.

But dang it, I kind of wish he had pink eye.



leah said...

I really, really hope his red eyes have a different issue than the scary lack-of-oxygen cause. :(

Sending even more prayers and positive thoughts that those seizures will stop SOON. Very, very soon.

Julia O'C said...


krlr said...

How about an Ode to Pinkeye?

... ok, yeah, really I've got nothing. I hope tomorrow's better.

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