Thursday, December 15, 2011

In Which I Go To Bed Right This Very Second

This is going to be pretty much the shortest blog in the world.  I just got back late from a derby scrimmage, (scrimmaging with no lung capacity is a great endurance workout, by the way) sleep is calling me and, believe it or not, Connor is actually down tonight so I can go to bed when I want to and everything!  So here, instead of me writing a blog and being all responsible or whatever, you can look at a picture of that Chinese dragon stocking I did.  The photo was taken by the talented Jeff Bischoff, so I'm not even going to be responsible for that.  Oh well.

And that's about all the effort I'm going to put into this thing tonight.  My bed is calling me.

Yay for Chinese dragons!  And sleep!  Not necessarily in that order!


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Julia O'C said...

Short blog posts are always okay when accompanied by a picture. What a beautiful stocking! I still think, with your ridiculous amounts of free time (ha!), that you should be selling them. They're so gorgeous!

Hope you were able to get several hours of sleep IN A ROW!!! :)

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