Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Which We Are Fingerprinted And I Receive An Unusual Compliment

So this morning we went in to get our fingerprints redone.  It wasn't nearly as crowded as the last time we went in; I don't know if we just got lucky or if fewer people have fingerprinting appointments during the holidays.  At any rate, we were in and out this time within twenty minutes.

They use a digital machine these days-- none of that ink-and-paper business.  The lady who did my fingerprints was very quiet until she put my first finger on the scanner, which is when her whole face lit up.  "You have beautiful fingerprints!" she gushed.  "They are perfect.  So easy to take.  It is a pleasure to work with fingerprints like yours."

Now that's not a compliment you hear very often.

This woman sees hundreds of fingerprints every day, so of course mine must be truly exceptional if they made her exclaim over them.  So now I'm thinking maybe I should look into a career as a fingerprint model.  I'm sure there's a huge demand for that sort of thing, for crime shows and mystery book covers and whatnot.  I'll be waiting to hear from an agent.  The deals should be rolling in soon.

As we were walking back to the car, I accosted Jeremy.  "Why don't you ever compliment me about my fingerprints?" I asked him.  "Why do I have to hear about them from someone else?" 

Men.  Really.

So anyway, now we've got that finished again and hopefully we won't have to redo it before Ellen comes home.  It would be fantastic if we could travel sometime in 2012!  I guess we'll just have to see what the new year brings.

Besides me starting a glove collection, of course.  I have to protect my best feature from wear and tear!



Julia O'C said...

You are so funny!

gloria said...

That was hilarious, Jessie. And made my morning even better!

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