Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Which Jer Stays Home And I Nap And Nap Some More

Today Jer was feeling so lousy that he actually stayed home from work, which is an unprecedented thing around here.  Those of you who know Jer personally are probably aware of his legendary cast-iron immune system, so for him to not only get sick but to be so sick that he actually has to visit a doctor is pretty crazy.  We took turns taking care of Connor, who was off of school today, while the other person mostly napped.

I did have to leave the house briefly to take back our library books, though.  They were due shortly after Connor started getting really sick, so they were, um, a little late.  Since I was already downtown I popped by Pioneer Bakery and picked up some of their homemade chicken soup for dinner.  That stuff is amazing-- they make their own noodles and everything-- and it's the perfect I'm Sick And Don't Want To Cook Anything food.  Oh, and then I stopped by the cheese store.  Also the little tiny bookstore.  And then I went home for a nap, because I was all tuckered out.

I'm not normally a napper-- I usually wind up groggy for the rest of the day if I take one.  But since I'm pretty much groggy all the time right now it doesn't really matter, so I'm napping while I can.

Apparently this RSV stuff normally lasts one to two weeks, which I am totally completely thrilled with as you might guess.  I figure I'm just going to have to start dragging myself out of the house to get things done, because dang it, Christmas is about a week and a half away and if I wait until I'm well to finish all the things I need to do than everyone will get their presents around New Year's or so. 

But probably I'm not going to get them done tomorrow.  It's a school day for Connor tomorrow, and I already have plans for the time he'll be gone. 

I'm taking a nap.


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