Thursday, December 22, 2011

In Which We Go To The Doctor

Connor had his GI doctor's appointment this morning.

It went really well!  Connor's g-tube site looks fantastic, and there's no need for him to go up a size in tubes yet.  The doctor was a little surprised that Connor hasn't ever had to go up a size since the tube was installed about two years ago.  I pointed out that the kid has only gained two pounds since we saw the GI department last year.  The doctor said that normally he'd be concerned, but that Connor looks proportional and has "a healthy layer of subcutaneous fat," by which he probably meant that the kid has a bit of pudge around his middle.  So he's not worried that Connor is small.  Also I totally want to use that expression in public.  "I have a healthy layer of subcutaneous fat" sounds way more sophisticated than "I've been eating too much ice cream recently and I'm kinda pudgy."

So Connor's clear for another year as far as GI goes, which is pretty fantastic.  I love it when appointments go quickly and smoothly.  I wish it would happen more often!

The little guy seemed to feel a little better today, and his fever was down so hopefully whatever it was that was driving his temperature up is passing.  We think he might have had a bit of a stomach bug.  Since we were on post around lunch time for his doctor's appointment, we met up with Jeremy for lunch.  Then afterwards we went shopping for the last of the Christmas presents I needed to get, because procrastination is pretty much my middle name this year.  They are all wrapped and sitting under the tree now.  Or at least they were wrapped for a while this afternoon, before the cats discovered there were tasty new presents to chew on down there.  We'll see how long it takes before they shred the wrapping paper.

Some people are probably going to be getting their presents after Christmas but in my defense it's been sort of a crazy month.  I'm just hoping that Connor's health will hold for a while and we can get back into a normal routine. 

The kid deserves a break!



Anonymous said...

Glad the cats are enjoying Christmas

Lin said...

Merry Christmas to you all! I wish you an uneventful holiday season. :)

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