Saturday, December 17, 2011

In Which I Bout Banked And Loki Has An Adventure Of His Own

I survived the banked track!  And I didn't break anything!  And also it was a ton of fun!

So the bout ended up being pretty close-- the final score was Killer Bs 184, Dockyard 150.  I'm not entirely sure how many lead changes there were, but we seesawed back and forth quite a bit, so it was probably a pretty exciting bout to watch.  It certainly was exciting to play!  I'll have some new bruises, but didn't end up with any major trauma. 

Jer wasn't able to make it to this bout because we didn't have respite care for the little guy and the bout was over an hour away, making it a pretty long trip for Connor.  So he took advantage of the lovely day and drove down to a local park for a long walk, just the two of them.  They weren't the only ones who wanted to enjoy a day outdoors, though-- Loki ran outside as Jer was bringing the wheelchair back into the house, and Jeremy was preoccupied with maneuvering the chair over the threshold and didn't notice.

So I got home around 11:00pm from the bout and was in the kitchen eating dinner when I started hearing this really pathetic meow.  It sounded like Loki was stuck somewhere, which happens pretty often as he likes to dart into closets right before the door closes and manages to trap himself inside our Lazy Susan at least once a week.  I started wandering around the house looking for him and finally realized that the sound was coming from outside our front door.  I opened it up and there on the porch was a thoroughly miserable and very cold cat.  He'd apparently spent about seven hours out there, doing who knows what.  Given the sheer destructive tendencies he exhibits we're probably lucky there wasn't an international incident or something.  This is the Cat That Could Topple Nations, which is one of the reasons we don't let him outside. 

At any rate, Loki is now running around the house on a complete tear, making sure that every single thing in the entire house is in the exact same place where he left it.  Cricket, who is convinced that Loki disappeared and was replaced by a Stranger Cat, is slinking around after him, hissing whenever he gets within three feet of her and trying to prevent him from, I don't know, making off with the silver or something.  After venturing outdoors he is obviously a cat who is Not To Be Trusted. 

So all sorts of new adventures happened in this house today! 

Crazy cat.



Anonymous said...

Im glad Loki is safe.

Lin said...

That'll teach him to go outside! A little cold butt sure makes them come in fast, doesn't it?

Sara said...

Love your cat stories :)

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